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Counselling and therapy for depression

Are you feeling gloomy and listless? Are you tired all the time? Are you having negative thoughts about yourself and the purpose of life? Or are you experiencing a lack of joy and pleasure in life?

If you are feeling depressed you are not enjoying things in life the way you used to. You might feel discouraged and have a hard time to show an interest in things or in people.

When you are feeling depressed you might also have a lack of concentration and feel physically tired and irritable. You might also feel worthless, criticise your own shortcomings or feel guilty over things.


Start enjoying life again

When you are feeling depressed you might think that you cannot change your circumstances and that you cannot find the energy to take action. It’s therefore important to seek help.

I can help you feel better. I will listen to your thoughts and help you recognize that you can change your circumstances. I will help you understand why you are feeling depressed. You can start feeling happier and start enjoying life again. Together we will find the best way forward for you.

Do you have any questions or would you like to know more? Feel free to send me a message.

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"It was such a relief to be able to say what ever I wanted and to just be ‘me’. I cannot thank you enough."

"Thank you for giving me the space and time to reflect on really big things that had happened to me. It really has allowed me to let go of the past and put it to rest."
4,5 stars

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