Trust issues

Counselling and Therapy Warrington for trust issues

Counselling and therapy for trust issues

Most people have been let down at some point in their lives. They have had their hearts broken and trusted the wrong people. That feeling can be overwhelming and for some it can leave them with an inability to ever open up and make themselves vulnerable to anyone again.

To trust leaves you open to being hurt, but if you don’t trust you are setting yourself up for a lonely life with no intimacy. And you will possible end up full of regret for the relationships and opportunities you missed out on.


Who can I trust? What can I trust? Should I trust? These are important questions that we all ask but they can sometimes lead to great anxiety. It’s important to stop and check those uneasy feelings. But sometimes we can put barriers up to protect ourselves when they are not required.

Does trust feel like an issue for you? Please send me a message. I work with both individuals and couples experiencing trust issues.

Christina Broadbent
Registered member of the BACP

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