Work related stress

Counselling and Therapy Warrington for work related stress

Counselling and therapy for work related stress

Stress in the workplace is something we might all experience. When stress mounts up and becomes excessive, your productivity and well-being will suffer. Your work will then end up having a negative impact on your life.

  • Do you feel overwhelmed?
  • Are you feeling anxious and irritable?
  • Are you having trouble concentrating?
  • Are you experiencing trouble sleeping?

If you would like to change the situation, I can help you. I will listen to what bothers you and which problems you experience at work.

Work related stress

Reduce your stress levels

Stress can impact everything in your life, your relationships, health and confidence. Don’t suffer alone – get some support.

Together we will find ways for you to deal with stressful situations and reduce your stress levels so that you can enjoy work and life again.

Could you use some help dealing with stress? Feel free to send me a message.

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"It was such a relief to be able to say what ever I wanted and to just be ‘me’. I cannot thank you enough."

"Thank you for giving me the space and time to reflect on really big things that had happened to me. It really has allowed me to let go of the past and put it to rest."
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